My research focuses broadly on the idea of a university and its development as a key social institution. I am interested in how new technologies have and are shaping society and the university. Key to this is the role that universities play in participatory democracies as a key site of knowledge production and dissemination. In my research career to date I have empirically analysed texts produced by universities directly and indirectly in response to policy as well as developing more conceptual work on the development of the university and its future. I am interested in alternative and creative research methodologies and collaborating with other academic disciplines as well as non-academics.

I am a Research Fellow and my current work is interested in the discourse and narrative of ‘skills’ and ‘knowledge’ in education as well as personal stories and narratives of experiences in education.

Prior to my academic career I worked as a writer and designer in the field of workplace learning with a focus on digital courses within a variety of sectors, including, travel, retail, sports coaching, policing, financial services and telecommunications. My work in this field involved developing creative course concepts, writing and structuring content and working as part of multimedia teams. This experience and the skills developed serve me well in both my research and teaching as an academic.

See this Miro board for a map of my research interests and approaches

I lead a postgraduate programme – Design for Learning Environments.

I am on the Editorial Board of Educational Review.

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