Professionally I have been involved in digital technologies in learning environments since 2006. This has been in a range of sectors including travel, retail, sports coaching, policing, financial services, telecommunications and higher education. For more details see my LinkedIn profile.

In 2012 I decided to see education from the other side of the fence and became an ‘online’, distance and part-time learner, studying for a Social Sciences degree with the Open University. I graduated in 2016 and went on to begin a postgraduate research degree with the University of Birmingham’s School of Education. My thesis in ‘alternative format’ includes a series of publications alongside more conventional chapters. The title of the thesis is HUMANS, HIGHER EDUCATION AND TECHNOLOGY – A CORPUS-ASSISTED DISCOURSE GENEALOGICAL ANALYSIS OF THE SOCIOTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY . I am pulling together disciplines of design, discourse analysis, higher education and science and technology studies (STS). I have taken the opportunity, at the University of Birmingham alongside my PhD and full time design role to teach in the School of Education in the last two academic years. This has involved undergraduate lectures, seminar teaching, personal tutoring, assessment and feedback.