culture is ordinary

the mundane and the ordinary

Inspired by Raymond Williams’ Culture is Ordinary and Paul Weller’s That’s Entertainment.

In the audio recording below I am describe Williams’ work on culture and how he described it as ordinary, be that in home life or studying at Cambridge. This is part of the comic Roots and routes into academia comic, part of the Academics of Working Class Heritage Talking series.

Smart surveillance: symptoms and cure iPhone, April 2023
Written off and folding Birmingham New Street, March 2023
Training ground Birmingham, March 2023
Chasing rainbows Birmingham, March 2023
The morning after Birmingham, March 2023
Just don’t University of Birmingham, March 2023
Ideas above the station Chester Road, February 2023
Broken dreams between Five ways and University, February 2023
Knowledge cancelled Selly Oak, February 2023
Light at the end of the tunnel Edgbaston, February 2023

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