EURIE 2021 – Eurasia Higher Education Summit, OnlinePanel session on the difference between distance and online Learning
Adam Matthews and Wiley Education Services  – 5th March 2021

Reflections on the future of continuing and flexible forms of higher education – Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), University of Cambridge) – UK university part-time higher education: an analysis of undergraduate prospectuses
Adam Matthews and Ben Kotzee  – 7th January 2021

Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation webinar series at Lancaster University – A genealogy of the idea of a university, from Kant to the unbundled digital university.
Adam Matthews  – 27th October 2020

EURIE 2020 – Eurasia Higher Education Summit, IstanbulOnline Learning Design
Adam Matthews and Wiley Education Services  – 21st February 2020

Borders and Boundaries – Debating the limits and boundaries of education (Lancaster University) – UK Universities’ discourses on part-time and flexible learning: a corpus assisted analysis of higher education prospectuses
Adam Matthews – 3rd July 2018

University of Birmingham Research Poster Conference 2018Part-time, flexible and lifelong higher education in a digital world a corpus discourse analysis
Adam Matthews – 13th June 2018

‘TEF what next ….?’ A HE SIG themed seminar – Talking Ourselves into Gold: an analysis of TEF provider submissions
Ben Kotzee and Adam Matthews – 16th March 2018