Invited talks and writing

Knowledge is Power, writing workshop, February 2023

ChatGPT in education: how much work should we outsource to AI?, Social Sciences Birmingham, Match 2023.

Living through liminal spaces: Composite stories with and by Russell Group academics of working-class heritage, SRHE Conference Poster, December 2022.

Gamekeepers, poachers, policy wonks and knowledge, SRHE Blog, November 2022,

The future of the university as a network, BERA Blog, August 2022,

Researching the future university, HE Education Research Census, June 2022,

The complex relationship between technology and society, Everyday Cyborgs Conference, University of Birmingham, September 2022,

The modern university as ivory tower, factory and network across space and time, Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Webinar Series, May 2022. Download the video and slides.

The liberatory revolution of technology in the post-pandemic university – but liberation from what?’, The post-pandemic university, July 2021,

Quality in the networked digital university, Qualifying the Debate On Quality – Society for Research in Higher Education, June 2021.

The Lost Story of Part-time Higher Education, Vaughan Open Research Forum, June 2021.

How Do You Measure Education in a Life? Re-thinking Assessment for a Digital Society, The EdTech Update 2021 Panel session, April 2021.

UK university part-time higher education: an analysis of undergraduate prospectuses, Reflections on the future of continuing and flexible forms of higher education, Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), University of Cambridge), January 2021.

A genealogy of the idea of a university, from Kant to the unbundled digital university, Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation webinar series at Lancaster University, October 2020

Teaching Excellence Policy with Adam Matthews, Higher Education Researcher Podcast,  September 2020.

Learning Design as a Guiding Principle for Technology, Pedagogy and Content, Selected proceedings of Eurasia higher education summit Eurie 2020, March 2020,

The part-time undergraduate puzzle, Higher Education Policy Institute, February 2020,

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