Knowledge is Power creative writing

On 25 February 2023 I attended a writing workshop inspired by the Knowledge is Power exhibition, organised in association with The Writer Highway and Five Leaves.

You can read their excellent work here: Writing Knowledge is Power

Many thanks to Cathy Grindrod at The Writer Highway and Pippa Hennessy at Five Leaves Bookshop & Publications

Comrades by Adam Matthews

Image (c) Peter Richardson, from St Ann’s, The End of an Era.
Available at

“Adult education centre opened up next door.”

“A what?”

“Adult education, you can do a course. Fancy it?”

“Go back to school? Not me. I didn’t like it much the first time round. School of life, I’ve been to.”

“You never know. It might be your ticket out of that factory.”

“Well, now you put it like that, let’s have a look at that brochure.”

“Creative writing, needlework, social studies, painting, political science they’ve got loads.”

“I do need to decorate the front room so painting might come in handy. What’s creative writing?”

“Writing creatively, I suppose.”

“Are you going to go?”

“A fella at work said they have free tea and sandwiches.”

“Hmmmm, no such thing as a free lunch. I get the front room painted and learn some new skills, but I could end up a Marxist. I’ll have a think about it.”

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